Tours in Prague Public Tours in Prague

Do you like more people around you and at the same time want to save a little? We are also happy to provide you with a solution. Public tours differ from those private ones. In the case of a public tour, there is a fixed time and place - when and where the tour begins as well as the program that should be followed. The only thing that does not change is the same quality and individual approach of our guides. We currently offer tours, for example - Prague Castle - the price of the tour already includes admission to the interiors of the Castle, as well as in the case of a visit to the Jewish Quarter. You can walk through the New Town with passages with us and escape the bustle of the city. Another question to you - what do you know about Charles Bridge? That it was built by Charles IV in the 14th century? What about the eggs and what about the statues on the bridge and their stories? We have a number of questions for you, but also answers - in short, walk with us on Charles Bridge and you will see. 

We also plan other walks to unique Prague districts such as Bubeneč, Hanspaulka and similar.

If you did not find your tour on the program, try to ask what we can do for you.