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About the of principles of Black Theatre

Black Light Theatre as an entertaining non-verbal performance, thus international language works with the effects of the light and colors. The Black Light Theatre is a kind of a team performance, where half of the actors and dancers are clearly visible to audience in their costumes, while the other members of the ensemble are dressed in black velvet, the same color as the curtain is, so you don´t see, how the tricks are performed.

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ABRAKADABRA The oldest mystical medieval incantation originated probably from the Mesopotamian phrase AB-BA-TAB-BA-RI or from the Aramaic version of the Hebrew words abra – “create” and k´adabra – “like the word”.  The meaning of the word is approximately “so it shall be”. When spoken out, things we want to disappear vanish and things we want to be seen become visible.

Abrakadabra can light up the darkness, fill the silence with music, make the lifeless dance and the wingless fly. Doing magic is a talent, just like the ability to paint, sing or dance. Living eternally on the road, a family of seasoned cabaret artists has always been using this art to make a living. However, mixing up even one letter in the magic incantation may render the spell powerless – and that is exactly what sometimes happens to the heroes of our show.  The abrakadabra incantation has the same meaning in all languages, so you will understand without difficulties. Join us and immerse yourself in the world of comical magic, as practiced by a family of magicians. Let yourself be carried away by this nonverbal performance filled with suspense, surprise, humour and dancing.  

Screenplay Eva Asterová / Lukáš Šimon / Josef Tichý Choreography Eva Asterová Music and sound effects Ondřej Soukup, Zdeněk Zdeněk, Petr Malásek Production Alexander Čihař   The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.   Cast:   Samuel Frascalli: Josef TICHÝ / Petr LIŠKA / Michal HECHT; Světlana Frascalli: Dita JANČÍKOVÁ / Žaneta ALLENDEZ; Simon Frascalli: Lukáš ŠIMON / Erik DEMKO; Souznění: Anna ŠEBKOVÁ / Natálie KUČEROVÁ; Hnízdění: Johana HÁJKOVÁ / Natálie ŠEBKOVÁ; Herečka v černém: Božena NUSSBERGEROVÁ / Evženie ŠTEFLOVÁ / Iva SEIDLOVÁ / Eva PLOCKOVÁ; Struny: Jakub SEDLÁČEK / Ondřej NOVOTNÝ / Petr STRNAD; Levitace: Marek LHOTSKÝ / Jiří WAŇKA; Plastic People: Pavel PLOCEK / Juraj KLIMAŠOVSKÝ; 

Black Light Theatre Image

Národní street No. 25
11000 Prague 1 - Old Town

How to get to the performance:

The Black Light Theatre Image houses in the Metro Palace – the house in Národní Street enjoys excellent downtown location. You can find it truly in the intersection of buzzing city life. Just a 10 minute walk from Wenceslas Square, following “28. října” and then “Národní” Street. Due to comfortable time of the beginning of the performance at 8:00 PM you can have pleasant dinner in one of many restaurants which surround the Palace Metro – the home of the theatre. For example café Louvre. 
Arrival by metro as public transportation – just 5 minute walk from yellow ( = B) metro line, the stop Národní třída, which is also the name for many of the trams as 2, 6, 9, 18, 20 or 22
1 Abrakadabra BellPrague.jpg 2-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 3-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 4 Abrakadabra BellPrague.jpg 5 Abrakadabra BellPrague.jpg 6-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 7-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 8 Abrakadabra BellPrague.jpg 9-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 10-Abrakadabra-BellPrague.jpg 11 Abrakadabra BellPrague.jpg