Vyšehrad castle tour

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Let´s go to see the place where mainly locals relax and get the energy. The place so much connected with the history of Czech, but it has also great potency to address our visitors. Vyšehrad castle as the rocky hill situated about 3 km South upstream from Prague castle was settled by the Czech sovereigns from about the middle of 10th Century and used by them for purposes of govern and coronation ceremonies at least until 14th Century. Later on, the remarkable and mysterious place was turned into the “city”, military fortress as well, when finally it was chosen by the Czech as the place where significant members of our nation as painters, composers, singers, actors, sculptors, writers and others are buried. In these terms this place is attractive to be visited for foreigners too. The visitors can pay the tribute to personalities as Karel Čapek, Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, Jan Neruda, Božena Nemcová.
Besides that we will be able to see the city 360° around, enjoy a river view, you can confront also panorama of Prague castle. But we will visit absolutely unique military system – fortification corridors (casemats) underground tunnels for quick movement of soldiers and storage of material which mouth into unique space – hall Gorlice, where currently are displayed six original baroque statues (18th Century) from Charles bridge. The other spot and places to be visited – 10th Century Rotunda of St. Martin, gothic and baroque architecture – massive fortification gates as Tabor gate or Leopold gate – used also by Miloš Forman for his eight Oscars movie Amadeus. We will step into St. Peter and Paul church being inspired by Vatican St. Peter. But definitely you will see relaxing people, enjoying pleasant leisure time whether mums with children, students with the books, just someone catching sunshine…. and listen to legends about Vyšehrad castle as well.

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Start from:

Vyšehrad metro station – the platform when arriving from direction Museum

Dates & times:

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 9:30 AM

The guide will hold the sign of FEBS 2019 International Conference


3 hours


Guided walk through the fortress and the fee


820,- CZK (33 €) Please note that exchange rates in € are only indicative, the tours will be billed via GoPay gate in Czech Crowns.

How to get there?

    Vyšehrad metro station – the platform when arriving from direction Museum
    For the Vyšehrad castle tour, we will meet in the metro station of the same name – Vyšehrad metro station, C line. As the railways are situated in the middle of the stop, the platforms are divided. For our meeting you have to search for the platform of the trains arriving from the direction Nádraží Holešovice and Museum. Your guide will be there with FEBS 2019 International Conference sign.
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