Dark history of 20th Century WW I,WWII and soviet occupation a and velvet revolution

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During 20th Century the Czech country and its people together or individual had to face to several war conflict and totalitarian regimes. Until the end of WWI, we were part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire – you will hear about far history of our legions fighting around Europe and the other continents – in Italy, France, Russia and what was then the troops´ life there? We will discuss everyday life during WWII, war victims, the question if Prague was bombed during this war, where and why? Are there any bunkers preserved? Who are the heroes and victims of this war? What was operation Silver A, Silver B or Anthropoid and the question which totalitarian regime had more victims? Why the /strong>communism was implemented or elected in our country, how was the life in each single decade in 1950s´, 1960s´, 1970s´and 1980´s. How the Czechs try to resist and survived, places connected in Prague with big political changes and their personalities. What helped to survive? All this questions will be answered and seen the authentic places on our tour. We will be fallowing the traces of the dark history in Prague, you will see places connected with Václav Havel as the most famous dissident and later the first president after the end of communism, we will see the crypt of our WWII heroes fighting against fascism or unique and authentic bunker made for communist prominent leaders only. At the end of the tour you can stay as long as you want at the museum of communism, when your guide will give you starting introduction info.

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Start from:

Dancing house – Ginger Roger & Fred Aster house Jiráskovo náměstí tram stop

Dates & times:

Friday, May 31, 2019 at 2:00 PM

The guide will hold the sign of FEBS 2019 International Conference


4 hours


Guided tour, fees into paratroopers’ crypt, the bunker as the museum of cold war and museum of communism


1250,- CZK (50 €) Please note that exchange rates in € are only indicative, the tours will be billed via GoPay gate in Czech Crowns.

How to get there?

Dancing house – Ginger Roger & Fred Aster house Jiráskovo náměstí tram stop Our meeting point, the Dancing house building is overlooking the right side riverbank of Vltava River next to the Jirásek Bridge. The best way to come here from the city center is taking the trams as No. 2, 5 or 17 – from Staroměstská metro. The nearest metro station is called Karlovo náměstí, from which you need to take one additional tram stop of No 17 (direction North) to come to our meeting point. We will meet at Jiráskovo náměstí tram stop. The guide will hold FEBS 2019 International Conference sign.

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