Břevnov monastery and brewery tour & Strahov monastery

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Both of monasteries rank to our oldest ones, located in western part of Prague – you can see their panorama when approaching city center for example from the airport. If by chance you plan to stay in our capital even after your congress, why not to join us for this remarkable tour where we can observe skills of our predecessors, passion of monks for wisdom and education, studying and providing help. The first place to be visited – the Benedictine monastery in Břevnov ranks to the oldest in our country being founded already before the end of 10th Century. The way of life of the order is expressed in the maxim „To pray and to work“.
Not always the life of monks and order was easy - during Hussite wars the monastery was attacked and partly damaged, when during 20th Century occupied by Nazi and soon after that for long four decades taken over by communist regime. Most of monks were sent to prison or emigrated or kept secret religious life. It was not until 1990 when the complex of baroque monastery was released back to Benedictine order and monks could return back. During the first part of our tour we will also have time to see the garden, which surrounds the monastery. The orders frequently supported poor people and persons of lower social levels. For these activities they needed to be strong and reach. That’s why most of monasteries and convents disposed with the privileges for example to brew the beer or produce the wine. That’s also why we have today the chance to attend a small brewery tour through Břevnov monastery brewery, which will be followed by the visit of baroque interiors of the monastery as baroque St. Margaret’s Church and Prelate’s residence, whose the most beautiful space is represented by Maria Theresa Hall and the other Prelate’s residence spaces as a abbot’s dinning room, the abbot’s apartments, study chamber or bedroom. The part of the tour makes also visit of 11th Century crypt of the Romanesque monastery church century and Crypt, and Garden Pavilion Vojtěška. This part of the visit will be crowned by the sampling of the beer.
From Břevnov monastery you can continue with the guide by public transportation to nearby Strahov monastery – if the time permits, you can attend also here original Romanesque spaces (= street level, no going downstairs) where monks Premonstratensians stored the grain and the fruit and vegetable, you can si baroque Refectories, since 16th Century monks collected paintings as well, e.g. Strahov monastery gallery and the last but not least very famous libraries (in your own time). Part of this tour is sampling Strahov monastery beer. From this tour there is very easy to continue on your own towards Lesser Town and Charles Bridge.

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Start from:

Malostranská metro station

Dates & times:

Sunday, June 2, 2019 at 9:45AM

The guide will hold the sign of FEBS 2019 International Conference


4 hours


Guided walk through the active baroque monastery and the brewery


1200,- CZK (48 €) Please note that exchange rates in € are only indicative, the tours will be billed via GoPay gate in Czech Crowns.

How to get there?

Malostranská metro station next to small fountain and Tabaco booth
Malostranská metro station as our meeting point is situated in left hand side riverbank as traffic part of the district Malá Strana, e.g. Lesser Town or Little Quarter. The nearest bridge is Mánesův most, the meeting point is also not too far from Charles Bridge. We will meet in a street level opposite to the entrance to the metro (underground, subway), Malostranská metro station is part of A (= green) line. The trams, which you can use to arrive here, are 2, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 23. The guide will be standing just next to small fountain, but also the tobacco kiosk. The guide will hold FEBS 2019 International Conference sign.

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