Baroque Lesser Town gardens tour

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Are you already in Prague some days before your congress starts? You have unique chance to visit set of baroque gardens placed in Lesser Town, in western, left hand side of the city of Prague. Our visit will be composed from visiting Wallenstein garden, followed by the complex of the palace gardens bellow Prague castle as Ledebour, Pálffy and Kolowrat gardens (part of Palace gardens below Prague castle will be closed for reconstruction reasons during the years 2019 – 2020, but still left enough to see). And the tour will be crowned by the visit of Vrtba garden, which is situated across the Lesser Town Square.

The first our visit - Wallenstein garden was built as a part of Wallenstein palace at the beginning of 17th century for Albrecht of Wallenstein and it is considered as second biggest garden in Lesser Town. Unlike from our other places to be visited druid our tour this garden is situated on the ground (not type of terrace garden). It is known for its Sala terrena with the motif of the God Mars, artificial grotto where you can search for hidden snakes or frogs or you can admire set of precious statues of Dutch sculptor Adrien de Vries (today copies, the originals are in Sweden). This garden is surrounded by the buildings which in past were possessed by Albrecht of Wallenstein and today serve as the Senate – former stables or the gallery – the ridding school in the past. From fauna you can admire colored or white peacock.

The second part of our tour will take us to the gardens below Prague castle. Their origin falls at the end of 18th Century. They always made represented an integral part of their family property – palaces standing down below. You can admire not only great view of the city of Prague, but you will be impress by sophisticated garden architecture of baroque masters of 18th century. The proprietors as the investors together with skilled architects were able to exploit nature shape of the terrain and convert it into very famous terrace gardens. You will see sala terrena, Hercules fountain and uncountable number of the views of the city.

For the visit of the last from three gardens we will walk about 10 minutes across Lesser Town and can be fascinated by the composition of baroque Vrtba garden. The investor in 1st half of 18th Century was the highest burgrave of the Prague Castle Jan Joseph count Vrtba, the builder František Kaňka. The garden is divided into three parts - sala Terena with basin and the sculpture of the putti and sea monster, central part with balustrade stairway. The upper part graduates with three fields panels with the frescos with the motif of water deity decorated also by grotto shells. After getting upstairs you have fascinated view of the city.

The tour can be repeated in another time upon your request if you set up the group of minimum 5 persons together. Contact, please,

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Start from:

Malostranská metro station next to small fountain and Tabaco both

Dates & times:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 9:30 AM

The guide will hold the sign of FEBS 2019 International Conference


3 hours


Guided walk through gardens and the fee


870,- CZK (35 €) Please note that exchange rates in € are only indicative, the tours will be billed via GoPay gate in Czech Crowns.

How to get there?

Malostranská metro station next to small fountain and Tabaco booth
Malostranská metro station as our meeting point is situated in left hand side riverbank as traffic part of the district Malá Strana, e.g. Lesser Town or Little Quarter. The nearest bridge is Mánesův most, the meeting point is also not too far from Charles Bridge. We will meet in a street level opposite to the entrance to the metro (underground, subway), Malostranská metro station is part of A (= green) line. The trams, which you can use to arrive here, are 2, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 23. The guide will be standing just next to small fountain, but also the tobacco kiosk. The guide will hold FEBS 2019 International Conference sign.

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