Mystical Vyšehrad castle in Prague - legends and reality - private tour

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Vyšehrad is one of two royal castles based in Prague, whose history is going back to 10th Century. During thousand of years it played several different roles. 
From its early times the legends about the princess Libuše and her Přemysl, Horymír and his brave horse Šemík or that one about the devil and his stones.

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We will see Vyšehrad castle as the medieval seat of rulers, we will search for the remains of strategic military fortress from 14th and 18th Centuries, place of number of church representatives as prelates, deans and other priests. We will visit monumental St. Peter and Paul basilica, pay the tribute to buried personalities from social and cultural life as composers Bedřich Smetana & Antonín Dvořák, Karel Čapek as the author of the word robot, Božena Němcová as probably our first femal writer, singers, painters, actors or football (soccer) players as Josef “Pepi” Bican or political prisoner Mrs. Milada Horáková.
Vyšehrad is all above relaxing park. If you want to escape from the rush of the city, take a walk with us enjoying superb views of the city – after all the tour is undergoing on the hill from where you have incredible panorama with the river, city and the other hills.  At the end of the tour you can discover secret place within the fortification, where Vyšehrad keeps today six original statues from Charles Bridge
And last, but not least - role of Vyšehrad of today – once being a military fortress - has changed into vast and amazing park and the place became part of municipal district of Prague 2.
When can you have this tour? At any time during the day. Most of the walk takes place outside, so we are not limited, recommended start between 8:00 AM until 3 or 4:00 PM As this is private tour, you can choose any convenient time.
How much will you pay for it?
The prices of private tours: the prices stated here are per group - as you will find here in the grid, e.g. - according to BellPrague payment policy 1 - 4 persons pay one price, 5 - 8 person their own one price, 9 - 12 person group, from 13 persons the price upon the negotiation. But what is very important to understand: the prices here are per group and per hour/hours. 
Mystical Vyšehrad - legends and reality private tour - 3 hours
1 - 4 persons  5 - 8 persons  9 - 12 persons
2950 CZK  3300 CZK  3650 CZK
The admission into interiors is excluded, nevertheless there is no particular fee planned during this tour, unless your donation to the church of St. Peter and Paul.
Recommended meeting point: Táborská brána in Vyšehrad.
If you wish to be picked up, for example, at your hotel, we charge a discounted flat rate of CZK 250 for whole group OR a shortening of the interpretation so that everything fits within three hours. 
The shorter version of the tour is available for two hours with following prices – one price is as usualy intended for whole group:
Mystical Vyšehrad - legends and reality private tour - 2 hours
1 - 4 persons  5 - 8 persons 9 - 12 persons
2070 CZK  2300 CZK  2530 CZK 

We look forward to taking you around Vyšehrad castle, when booking, please, specify your requested meeting point. Thank you.

Cannot choose any topic? Cannot decide?  Prague is beautiful and diverse and it is difficult to cover all topics on the web. In this case, ask only for guide services, the prices are the same as for other private tours and we will definitely come up with a tailor-made program for you. We have Strahov monastery baroque libraries, Loreta as a baroque monument and  a pilgrimage place, modern architecture of the first half of the 20th century, thematic tours, tours for schools. We will definitely prepare something for you.

Vyšehrad castle - Táborská brána - gate

V Pevnosti
128 00 Praha 2 - Vyšehrad

The place – Táborská bránagate as our meeting point, is the first entrance to Vyšehrad fortress from Vyšehrad metro station – red – C line, located in Southern edge of the fortress. If you are coming by the metro from South, from the outskirt of the city, e.g. Kačerov, Budějovická, Pankrác,  Pražského povstání or other stops, then as the first you have to go under the body of the metro – few steps down and up and then exit, while if arriving from the opposite direction, stops as Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova etc., then you just walk out from the space of the metro. After having the metro behind your back you are ready to walk about 10 minutes for Vyšehrad – Táborská gate. As the first thing you will have on your left huge building of Congress Centre, after two or three minute walk leaving Congress Centre, turning gently to the right, following Na Bučance street about 200 m, then Lumírova about 50 m, then turn to the right to Na Pankráci street, which continues as v Pevnosti, when you are stopped by Táborská brána gate.

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